Plant Communication Circle – Starting March 2018

Whether you’re a gardener, an herbalist, interested in making your own tonics, self care products, or simply just to strengthen your spiritual connection with plants, this circle will provide you with lots of information and time to connect on a much deeper level. Not only will you connect with 10 different plants in depth, but also with the people you will be in circle with for 11 months.  




2018 is the first year this circle will be offered and I’m so excited! This has been something I dreamt up many years ago, waiting for the perfect time to begin. After years of studying plants on my own, I was introduced to evolutionary herbalism. Taking those classes, I realized it was exactly what I wanted to teach- but in a more in-depth and advanced way. That’s when I knew the universe was making space for me to begin sharing this work. 

We are all energy. As they say, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. Plant beings are the same! They too are here to learn, teach, experience, and provide their original medicine to be productive and assist in the turning of the sacred hoop of life. Lucky for us, they are less trapped in the egotistical ways of humans; they’re more giving and understanding of the ebb and flow of life, death, and rebirth. By working with them, we too can come closer to this natural pattern. This is why we call these meetings a circle; the information, connections, and experiences we acquire together are none linear and never ending. 

In this circle, we will focus on bringing our consciousness and perceptions out of our heads and in to our hearts. Each day we meet, we will experience a plant with all of our senses, as well as connect with each plant on a spiritual level and discover the many teachings they may have to offer. We will explore traditional wisdoms and modern discoveries, practice preservation technique, and journal our personal experiences with these plants to create a binder filled with lots of information. These are spiritual teachings, so we will begin and end our circles in a good and respectful way. We will learn about meditation, constituents, constitutions, energetics, doshas, and various ways to connect. We will even go on field trips!

The binder, papers, class herbs, and any infusion, tincture, oil, salve, or other class projects will be included in the monthly $30 donations, which can also be paid in full. Each project is dependent upon the teachings of the previous circle, so it is intended that you attend all 11 meetings. Besides our daily projects, there will also be simple homework assignments as well as a final project that will be shared with the group. The circle starts on March 18th, here at White Willow, and will meet every 3rd Sunday for one year, excluding busy busy December, ending in February of 2019. 

Again, I’m so excited for this circle! Please feel free to tell anyone who may be interested or searching for these teachings. We’ve got a great year ahead of us! 

Please email Brandon at to sign up for the circle. 


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