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Massage Therapy & Energy Work

The therapists at White Willow Massage Therapy are trained in a variety of healing arts modalities, ensuring that you receive an individualized treatment every session- leaving your mind, body, and spirit feeling balanced and restored.


Herbalist Consultations

If you’re feeling out of balance, have chronic health conditions, or just a general sense of dis-ease, herbal remedies can provide the spark needed to turn on your body’s ability to heal. Schedule an appointment with our herbalist & get to feeling better!


Herbal Remedies

Our herbal products are made in-house by our herbalist with wild harvested or organically grown herbs.

Customized remedies are available with a consultation.


Aromatherapy Bar

Let us tailor an aromatherapy blend just for you! Feeling blue? Sinus pressure or headaches? Just want something that smells nice? We can custom-tailor the blend of your dreams. 


Crystals & Metaphysical Tools

We carry a large variety of crystals & minerals, divination tools, oracle & tarot, candles, & jewelry. We do our best to source ethically & sustainably, & locally when possible.


Classes & Events

We offer a variety of movement, metaphysical, & herbal classes!

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