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Hey y’all! My name is Nate and I’m a traditional astrologer and spiritual director here in Lexington, and I’m also the organizer of the Bluegrass Astrology Meetup. Charley has invited to me to share a little about what it is that I do, as it intersects with White Willow’s vision of bringing balance and restoration to each individual’s mind, body, and spirit.

I’m sure most folks have some familiarity with their sun sign and, perhaps, even read their newspaper horoscope every now and then for kicks. It’s like a fortune cookie, right? You can take it or leave it; something might strike a resonant chord in your soul on a given day, but more often than not, these little quips fall flat.

Did you know that, far aside from the pulp astrology we get in our newspapers and magazines, there’s a rich and vibrant tradition behind the practice of astrology? All it takes is to go outside on a clear night under a dark country sky and look up in order to understand why our ancestors thought heaven was up there. Ever since people have been able to crane their necks skyward and watch as wandering stars moved across the black expanse of the night sky, we’ve been using the motions of the heavens as a way into telling stories about ourselves, our roots, and our futures.

Astrology is far more than a precursor to modern personality theories, though that is certainly part of its heritage too. The traditional forms of astrology that emerged in the Mediterranean Basin were handed down and refined over centuries, and today astrologers utilize both complicated mathematics and studies in myth and history to connect the meaning of symbols like the Sun, the Moon, and the planets and fixed stars to the underlying meaning of the trials and triumphs of life that make us who we are.

While it’s very easy to get into heady territory when we start to explore all the language and symbolism of stellar myths, what I hope to convey is that this language of significant coincidences, wherein we read the heavens like a clock, is a powerful tool for understanding the motions of our interior cosmos and the unique path we have been given to chart through this life. Your birth chart (that is, the unique arrangement of planets and the heavens in relation to your exact time and location of birth) is a roadmap for the growth of your soul.

Part of my intention with creating the Bluegrass Astrology Meetup has been to invite folks who have perhaps some inkling of “something more” beyond just their newspaper horoscope to encounter some of the juicier bits of astrology and to whet their appetite. I try to introduce concepts like the Moon sign and phase to describe one’s emotional story, the ascendant to give insight into a person’s physical vitality, or the Venus cycle to explore a person’s relationship quirks and habits, all while creating a space where people of all backgrounds and experience levels can join together in a nurturing environment to learn more about our common sky and its mythos.

There’s no aspect of life that we can’t explore with an astrological chart, and the ability to lead people into this encounter with the cosmos brings me a tremendous amount of joy. That joy flows over into the work I do in my astrological practice, which focuses on using an individual’s birth chart to help them discern their vocation or respond to challenges. In particular, I specialize in a form of astrology called “horary astrology” that invites seekers to ask focused and intentional questions, whose answer I then interpret from a chart.

I’m grateful to have been able to connect with Charley and Brandon through the meetup, and I’m excited to connect with more folks in the Lexington area who want to explore our common sky together! You can learn more about me at my website:

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