Happy New Year!

Hello again, dear friends. We’re glad to see you on this side of 2020. Since we reopened in our new location this October, business has been great! We have all of you to thank for that. Your continued support of us and other small businesses is a big part of what makes Lexington a great place to call home. 
If you haven’t kept up with us on social media, we have exciting news to announce. We’ve added two new licensed massage therapists to our team!


Chelsea Klinksiek and Ella Rutledge both offer Swedish massage, deep tissue, and fire cupping. Ella specializes in Reiki and energy work, while Chelsea enjoys working with other equestrians (like her!) to help them bring balance into their bodies and riding postures. Both Chelsea and Ella do excellent work and are taking new clients for massage therapy now.
Read more about them and schedule your appointment here

Get Healthy in the New Year
-a note from Charley, the Herbalist-

Ah yes, it’s that time of year again. Time to regret all the rich and hearty roasts, cakes, and bourbons you consumed. Just kidding! We’re not about that life here at White Willow.

The holidays are for merrymaking, and it’s only natural to put on a few extra pounds during the winter months. There are actually a few reasons for winter weight gain. One is that our bodies produce more melatonin during the darker days of winter. Melatonin suppresses the thyroid (don’t worry, it may sound scary, but there’s an important biological reason for this) which causes our bodies to hold extra insulating fat through the cold months. It’s natural and normal. So eat, drink, and be merry! Remember that we’re all surviving a pandemic and this is no time to be stressing ourselves further with harsh diets and skipping meals. 

If you’re feeling unwell…

Herbal wellness consultations are available. I am trained in Western Herbalism and Southern Folk Medicine. I treat chronic ailments such as autoimmune conditions, fertility and hormonal issues, anxiety, and more! Herbal consultations are available on a sliding scale. If you have questions, please read more about wellness consultations here or reply to this email. 

Pictured here are some medicinal herbs we harvested this year. Goldenrod is most often used to treat the respiratory system (allergies) and urinary system. Red clover can also treat allergies, but in a way that’s different from goldenrod (ah, the magic of herbalism). Red clover is an estrogenic moistening lymphatic (a fluid-moving herb that contains estrogen), which makes it an invaluable medicine for women. 

A note about COVID-19

We’ve had a lot of question about when we’ll resume our Metaphysics Monthly classes. We’re sorry to say that we have no plans to hold gatherings until things simmer down out there in the world. Rest assured that we are taking every measure to keep our staff, clients, and customers healthy. We are sanitizing surfaces and wearing masks. Someday soon, we’ll gather in classes again, learn new things, and share stories. Soon. The good news is that the masks are working! Here at White Willow, we’ve all stayed healthy and feel comfortable offering massage therapy sessions with our current sanitization procedures. So come see us! 

Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you soon!


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