Journey of a Frantic Girl: Meditation

Several months ago I wrote a blog post titled On Being Present: Struggles of a Frantic Girl. Since then, as promised, I’ve continued to walk to work, which takes me about thirty minutes. However, during the coldest winter weather, I didn’t walk as much as I’d hoped. But this isn’t a story of failure or of struggle. No, my friends, mine is now a story of a journey. 

Since October I’ve been on a journey to get healthy in my mind and in my body. Walking to work allowed me time and space to clear my mind and get my body moving, but when the weather got in the way, I found that I was really missing my daily commute. I realized that it had become meditative for me. In lieu of the walks, I started meditating almost daily. When you’ve got a mind as busy as mine, meditation is no easy task. I’d always heard that meditating meant that you sit down, be quiet, and remove all of the thoughts from your mind. For me, an impossible task! My mind is bustling with constant thought and chatter, many conversations happening all at the same time. Even quieting one layer of thought in my mind proves quite the challenge. One day, I had an epiphany. I was listening to a podcast, I cant remember which one, and the host said something like “Meditation isn’t about erasing all of your thoughts, it’s about narrowing your focus onto one thing. One thought. A mantra. A candle flame. Your breath. Whatever works for you, put all of your attention on that thing until it’s the only thing you see, hear, or feel.” 

Whoa. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that my life was changed by that brief suggestion. Since then I’ve tried different ways of meditating and I’ve found success with most of them. My favorite way to meditate is so fun that I almost think it’s cheating: Guided meditation~ Guided meditation, if you don’t already know, is when you take a little daydreaming trip through your mind’s eye. The meditation can be either guided by another person or recording, or self-guided. 

Luckily! We’ve teamed up with Brandon of Ethereal Daydream. This coming Monday, April 11, 2016 at 6pm, Brandon is offering a meditation in our office. Please come! Donations benefiting Seven Generations Community will be accepted. Seven Generations, if you haven’t heard, is a community focused on sustainability and bettering our local community. You might remember way back in July when we teamed up with them for a downtown trash walk

To reserve your spot at the meditation, please RSVP via Facebook here. We’ll see you Monday!

-Charley Caudill, LMT

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