About Human Design

Human Design reveals your energetic blueprint and offers invaluable insight into who you are “Designed” to be and how you are meant to share your gifts and talents.

When you are living according to your design, you will feel purpose, ease, and flow. However, when living out of alignment with your design you will experience unease, disappointment and a feeling of being stuck.

A Human Design reading is based on your birthday, location (city, state, and country) and your time of birth. A reading includes a body graph, a written representation of YOUR UNIQUE configuration, and a 60 minute session to discuss how we can apply this knowledge and awareness in your current life and environment.

Is Human Design Right for You?

You will find Human Design valuable for you if you:

You are searching for guidance around your purpose in life

You want to become more self aware

You feel stuck, angry, or disappointed

You keep encountering the same type of resistance

You keep reliving the same scenarios in life and want to break the cycle

Your Human Design Specialist

Cynthia Francis, Quantum Human Design Specialist

I am a Quantum Human Design Specialist, trained under Karen Curry Parker and the International Human Design School.


What to Expect from a Human Design Reading:

You will receive a copy of your body graph before our session begins. We will meet in person or via zoom where I will provide an overview of your body graph and the written report.

I will dive deep into how you can master your energy type, identify common conditioning and limiting beliefs according to your design, and help you learn how to make small changes in your daily life that will lead you toward alignment and purpose.

Our session will be interactive and I encourage you to come with lots of questions. I will also be available to answer a few follow up questions via email after our session.

I also offer 30 minute follow up sessions, as well as coaching or mini sessions to help you continue your journey of growth and living in alignment with your unique design.