Past Life Regression & Spirit Guided Sessions with Kitty

There are instances in our lives when certain experiences seem to linger, without us being able to pinpoint their origin. It can be disheartening when we feel stuck and out of touch with our intuition, as if we're enveloped in a fog and unsure of our next steps. At times, we may sense a disconnection from our higher self, subconscious mind, or the spiritual realm. This is where hypnosis can help, and it's precisely why I'm here.
After discovering the profound impact of hypnosis in my own life, I felt called to share its benefits with others and underwent comprehensive training in The Hypnotic Arts Training Program, led by esteemed instructors Jina Seer and Sarah Leverett.

Through the practice of Past Life Regression, we can delve into the history of your soul, gaining a broader perspective of its overarching story. Some interpret this as the subconscious communicating through relatable stories, while others believe it involves the soul carrying Universal Knowledge accumulated throughout its past lives. Whichever viewpoint resonates with you, this approach can facilitate a profound understanding of ourselves and provide insight into what we need when we feel disconnected from our physical bodies, souls, or life's purpose.

Assisting individuals during these transformative moments and enabling them to make more aligned progress in their lives is my true passion. I would be absolutely delighted to have the opportunity to work with you and guide you on this empowering journey.