Astrology Readings with Alaina

With over five years of studying and practicing astrology, I specialize in blending traditional western astrological practices with modern evolutionary astrology for comprehensive insights. My astrology services include one-on-one natal chart interpretations and year-ahead archetypal prediction readings. I utilize techniques such as transits, annual perfections, and solar return charts to provide in-depth insights into your unique astrological profile.

The stars do not determine our destiny or cause events on Earth to occur, but through millennia of observation humans have perceived how the celestial movements align with certain terrestrial phenomena. We are a part of the rich tapestry of the universe, and the study of astrology illuminates how we fit into the whole. Explore how the wisdom of the astrological tradition can provide you with an understanding of yourself that can be difficult to see from your personal perspective.

Astrology readings offer a transformative experience by shedding light on both the visible and hidden aspects of your being, providing clarity, validation, and guidance as you navigate the complexities of life.

Natal Readings

This reading uses a snapshot of the sky at the moment of your birth to get a clear view of the major themes of your life. A natal chart reading can illuminate your gifts and challenges as well as show you where there is potential for healing and growth.

An exact birth time is recommended. If you do not have a birth time a reading can still be done but there will be less information to work with.

Predictive Readings

This reading uses predictive techniques to show the stage of personal evolution you are in as well as how the coming astrological transits will be interacting with your chart.

It is advised to start with a natal chart reading to get an idea of the groundwork of your chart.