Aromatherapy Bar

Essential Oils for Wellness

Let us tailor an aromatherapy blend just for you! Feeling a little blue? We've got a blend for that. Sinus pressure or headaches? We've got you covered. What if you just want something that smells nice? Yes! We can custom-tailor the blend of your dreams. 

While we have a variety of single essential oils available, our aromatherapy bar sets us apart from the rest. Stop by the Emporium and we'll mix your blend while you shop, or send us an email and we'll have it ready for you to pick up. 

How it works: 

Our aromatherapy bar has a wide variety of essential oils that can be blended into countless combinations. The oils are blended in a roller bottle with a carrier oil.

If you are new to aromatherapy, feel free to look through our recipe book or ask for staff recommendations. Headaches, stress, bug bites, sinus troubles, and upset stomach are all issues that aromatherapy can help with, and more. All of our recipes can be modified just for you, and part of the fun is smelling each oil to be sure you like it.

If you're experienced in aromatherapy or just curious, we encourage you to create own recipe. If you've always wanted to try mixing bergamot, jasmine, and grapefruit (you really should if you haven't) but don't want to invest in full-size bottles, you can try it here first. We have books available to help you create the perfect mix, or to answer any safety questions.



Aromatherapy blends start at $11 depending on the oils used. Our oils are priced by the drop, so if you have a mix that's missing something, maybe a dash of melissa or helichrysum, bring your mix in and add a few drops without committing to an entire bottle. 

We look forward to blending with you! ​